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Sunday, February 19, 2017

This weeks Pinterestings!

I usually try and limit the amount of time on Pinterest to just an hour or so a week.. As we all know its very addictive and one can spend hours cruising around! This weeks Pins seem to be a bit Gyspy Orientated, with a little bit of Flamingo and Pineapple thrown in.

I just love this hand sculpted pendant from QueenB Etsy shop.

How about a pineapple bekini. Not your usual yellow and green, but nice pastel colours. Its very inexpensive and I fell in love with it so made a purchase of this bekini aswell two other swimsets. After we are going crusing in a few weeks. Find this at RoseWholesale.

It must be 'spoil me' this week I think as I saw an add for these gorgeous essential oil diffusers - so I purchased one for the car which is the blue oil diffuser and one for the bedroom.
These were purchased from Shop with Him Everlasting Essence.

Another item I pinned today is this little Oriental Style Pot - the lid comes off.  It originally belonged to my Aunt. I don't believe it is valuable, however it is pretty, it has a little place along with all our other asian collectables.

This art from Kelly Lane features a two panel left and right flamingo, painted in oils.  Such pretty colours.  Its on my wish list I think.!!

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