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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where have I been?

I must admit I haven't been suffering from scrappers block as much as not just want to blog about much of anything.

Too much happening too quickly the last four months or so with DH (Ian) going through a barrage of tests to qualify for a lung transplant. I mean they test for just about everything, tissue typing, stomach ulcers, cancers, blood testing, pysche testing and the list goes on.... and on

So we are finally there are now on the 'list' as such.  Now we just wait and it's not so much related to who is on top of the list but all about 'the best match'. 

So as of Dec 2 2010  there were 143 on the list, doesn't really seem that many does it? however sadly many die before they get the donation they need. Not something I like to think about.... That is just to hard.. You can read more at http://www.donatelife.gov.au/.

So DH is not overally too bad on some days, still gets around like the rest of us, takes the kids to school, tries to do some housework, does shopping but everything is a struggle as lack of oxygen makes it difficult.
So thought I would finally post about it all - might help me face reality a little, sometimes I tend to stick my head in the sand, and if I don't talk about it means it might go away.....lol...

Til next... I do have lots of news so might try and get back into the habbit of blogging, focus on the oh so enjoyable and lovely things in my life.  Like Braedon, scrapping, gorgeous grandchildren, up to four now and one more on the way.  They are all such a joy!