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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Introducting our brood of chihuahua's

Thought would post a pic or two of our brood of chihuahua's and some of the new puppies - We are trying to register as a breeder as all these dogs have papers.  Every time I submit our kennel names they are rejected as they are too close to other business names.  If anyone have some suggestions please comment as I have run out of names. 

 In order of age - this is Moet - long coat,  he gets called Modge  for short, he likes napping in handbags. You can see here he is trying to get comfy in my red bag. Moet is a real gentleman - well most of the time.  He is very playful and loves to play fetch with his fav toys.

Next is Sienna - the one that had puppies - riding in style here on top of Mason's pram.   Sienna is a short coat.  A quiet very shy one - doesn't like loud noise and  is a real scaredy cat.

Next is Savannah  - she is also a short coat - both Sienna and Savannah trying to have a nap-  one thing about the dog beds they never stay round upright for long, they always get squashed.  Savannah is playful to, a little naughty and well doesn't listen much to what you say.

Lastly we have holly a long haired cutie - naughty and mischievous - will keep up the other two Moet and Savannah and gives Moet a run for his money when it comes to fetch the toy.  She snatches it off him and makes out she got it.

    Lastly the puppies - no names yet