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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Days til Christmas

Well what better of starting my first day of our Christmas Countdown than by enrolling in the Kim Archer Christmas workshops. I was up at about 6.00am and was reading my emails. I had been meaning to read about it all for a day or two and finally got to it. I was hooked and enrolled straight away.

I had a sneak peak in the classroom at lunch time - it all looked so intersting.... still atleast could read what was needed so I was off to Spotlight that afternoon to get a few things.

After getting home about 6.00 pm we pulled the tree out and decorations, but I think they will have to go up tomorrow night now.

So tonight was catching up on the class, having dinner and helping Braedon make his christmas cards. He had already made about 10 and wanted one for every child in the class, which is ok it just meant we have to make a few more.

So here are some pics of our christmas card making.

Next I finished off some flowers for a swapp I am doing over at Scrapbooking top 50. will have to post them off tomorrow.