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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Using your stash

Earlier this month I mentioned writing an article for the Scrap Of Your Newsletter "Your stash"

If you’re like me and are frustrated by the rise in interest rates and the ridiculous price of petrol. More and more of our hard earned money is going towards just surviving everyday. (Not so much to spend on other little luxuruies, like our "scrap stash" So am I am giving up my scrapbook stash? NO WAY! At times like this we need the little luxuries in life more than ever.

However we can try and utilise our supplies a little more creatively. Here’s a couple of ways to get more bang for your scrapboooking buck...

Have a scrap swop! Invite your friends over and swap your extra bits and pieces that you no longer think you will use.

Lend and borrow your friends idea books or stamp sets that can later be returned.

Raid the cupboards - Use stuff that is lying arond the house. A couple of buttons here and a tag there.

Invest in things which will last and last, instead of just buying consumables. Maybe in the long run buying some stamps are a better investment than buying stickers over and over again?

Sell your unwanted items for extra cash. Ebay is a great place to seel unwanted scraps.

Go clean and simple. Maybe some pages don’t need much more than some words, some photos and some cardstock.