The Crafter's Workshop Stencil Butter - New Products 2021

As I type this question, my mind is literally SWIMMING with ideas and thoughts of things that I have seen that I'm desperate to delve further into ...but then there's also that excitement at the amount of things that I haven't yet discovered which will unveil themselves gradually (or not so gradually) throughout the coming days and months...

One thing that I literally discovered yesterday - and then showed to Julie - and it's SO NEW that even Julie was unaware of it at the time...

*Insert drum roll please*

The Crafter's Workshop Stencil Butter

Is there ANYTHING that could be considered more decadent and more LOVELY than this product right here???? Just the name of the product lends itself to thoughts of cool butter literally dissipating in your fingertips as the warmth of your skin warms the butter and returns it to its once liquid state!!!!! 

All of that is not to even mention the delicious colours with a brightness and boldness that I haven't seen since the days when the Tattered Angels brought out the first sprays and mists for our crafting pleasure. 

 Delicious, spreadable Stencil Butter has a shimmer and shine that spreads easily with a palette knife. It has the body of a soft modeling paste that holds its peaks and valleys for texture and interest and cleans easily with water (be sure to rinse your tools immediately after use. 

These ten colours are a broad range of necessary shades that will complement any background stenciling that you choose to create for yourself! Available in easy to use 2 ounce jars. Dries in 15-30 minutes depending on how thickly applied. 

 Find The Crafters Workshop Stencil Butter in the shop here. 


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