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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ways to find time to scrap

Believe me when i say I know how hard it is to find time to scrap - what with kidsWhat's the biggest challenge facing would-be scrapbookers? Finding time to scrap!

The scrapbooking process is partly to blame. From snapping photos to picking them up at the developer, planning layouts to purchasing supplies, creating pages to embellishing them, scrapbooking takes time and requires attention to detail--a tall order for those of us with busy modern lives. Fight back with 17 ways to find time to scrap:

time management tricks

To find more time to scrap, turn attention to these time management tricks:

1. Schedule scrapping time! The scrapper who waits for large blocks of unclaimed time to drop into her lap will wait ... and wait .... and wait. Be proactive, and schedule scrapping into your normal weekly routine. Even if it's only a single evening a week, planned "scrap time" will make it happen.

2. Make scrapping a priority! Do you wait to scrap until all the work is done? Don't be surprised if your albums stay empty. Assign scrapping a priority in your life, instead of placing it at the bottom of the time-management barrel. Knowing that scrapping is a higher priority than, say, watching reruns of "The Sopranos" on television, will help you get more layouts completed.

3. Pull the plug on the tube! Better still, give up television for scrapping, if only for a night or two a week. TV viewing is addictive and depressing ... and scrapping is a lot more fun!

4. Commit to a class! Students of human nature know that where money is spent, motivation will follow. Sign up (and pay for!) a class in stamping or scrapping techniques. You'll learn new skills, and the financial commitment will spark motivation and interest in your hobby. Reward: more layouts!

5. Each one teach one! The converse is also true: where we teach, we learn. Mentor a new scrapper and share your skills. In the process, you'll make time for scrapping in an atmosphere of companionship and energy.

streamline the scrapbooking process

How you scrap can be as important as how long you scrap! Try these tricks to get more done in less time:

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