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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scrap Of Your Life New Ribbon Club

This morning was quite relaxing as I actually slept in and then read the paper in bed for a little while or atleast until 10.00 which is extremely late for me. Braedon went next door to play and it was just the both of us. Hubby watching some olympics and me on the computer (or laptop).

Well I have been working on the mid month August newsletter update today as well as doing my assignment for Uni - which is due on Wednesday. I keep straying off to another direction, checking out new products, etc however I'm sure I'll meet the deadline.

Just dropped Hubby in Blacktown so he could catch a train into the city as he is on course all this week and staying in Sydney. (No trains from Penrith today) - So he will be back Friday morning. Kody is home this afternoon and is loud and full of energy as usual. They always get into mischief when they get back together again after a weekend apart. Kody takes a while to settle back into his normal routine.

I have been meaning to set up a ribbon club for quite a while now. When I got back from Blacktown I finally put a lovely selection of pink and black ribbons together for Scrap Of Your Life's first ribbon club pack - This will be sent out in the mid month newsletter, however will be called the September ribbon pack.

To see the pack in store click here.... Ribbon Club

Anyway here is some pics of Braedon at the park yesterday.