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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Why I scrap

Why I Scrap...
"There are many reasons why I scrap -I have always been creative. I had tried folk art, decoupage, leadlighting, paper tolle, however I had never actually stuck with any of them. When I started scrapbooking and when I came across scrapbooking I knew that it would be something that I was going to get much pleasure out of. It all just clickedWhat better way than to remember loved ones who have passed on, to share my memories of both sides of my family, my children and grandchildren. I love scrapping our family holidays.
I started keeping a scrapbook when I was about six or seven. My grandmother would send me beautiful pictures from England and I would arrange them all in a scrapbook. I didn't call it scrapbooking, just fun glueing and sticking my pictures.
Sometimes I have a block and I can't seem to figure out what to scrap, other times the ideas come freely. However, scrapbooking requires inspiration and I believe we can obtain this inspiration every day just by paying attention to all those little things that make up our life, and keeping those memories alive by recording our feelings and memories. The best way to do this is to keep a journal and carry it with you at all times.
We all have different way of scrapping but what is really important is that your scrapbooks and crafts reveal what you want to share about what matters to you. If you focus on that your scrapbooks will become precious works of art to be cherished now and in the future. Scrap what matters most to YOU!