Friday, January 20, 2017

Most of you probably know that there will be three challenges over the weekend.  More information will be available on the day. However I thought I would share a little information on exactly what challenge three will be about.

This will be a challenge about YOU!!


Has anyone chosen their word of the year? I think most of you know what this is about, however if you haven’t heard of One Little Word, it’s very simple.....
Just choose a word to invite into your life for the coming year. It’s a word that speaks to you during the year, you might even follow where it leads.
There are so many possibilities and no right or wrong way to approach the adventure. You might find the word just pops into your mind. Or it may take a while, to think of it.
It may help if you think what you want most out of 2017… What you want to focus on or what you may want to change.
It's a word to live by during 2017!
The choice is yours!

So if you want to participate in challenge three, try and come up with a word - there will be an awesome prize associated with this challenge...
NOTE -  there will be a few extra requirements for the challenge which will be made available on the day.

One little word originally started by Ali Edwards - 
Check out the Ali Edwards website here one little word

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