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Monday, September 5, 2016

Waterfall Retreat - A few things to remember!

Something new for this years retreat, first time I have tried this so to speak. There will be a few things on the Scrap Boutique Table where you will see a little label titled
I hope to share some ideas with you by displaying a product and maybe an idea on how you can use the product. The ideas may spark some mojo!!.

Also you may find a few spots with bits and pieces marked up with a 
This could be information on a specific product, free music sheet paper, punchout diecuts, chipboard pieces etc. 

In my garage which I must admit is in a terrible disorganised state. (For a variety of reasons) there is a bin which looks like this below!! I have to find it between now and retreat lol.

When I do find it I will have a sign which says:


In the bargain bin there will be all sorts of items on sale.   All products will be hugely discounted and everytime I add products to the bin I will post it on the facebook retreat page so you get and idea of what's going in there.
The products will also be listed in on the Scrap of Your Life website here.