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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Update Scrap Camp

Hi Scrappers.... Not long until this retreat now - only just over 2 weeks to go!  

Most of the information I am posting on the blog will also be on a card in your goody bag.
There will heaps of goodies available from my shop over the weekend and as always will be bring my scrap boutique.You can read more about the scrap boutique here.  

As far as ordering products over the weekend -  if you want to purchase something, come and see me and I will record it on my laptap.  This worked really well at the second retreat I did last year at - just a simple update and of course the excel program does all the calculations for me...

 At the end of the weekend we will total the amount and then organise payment.  
You can pay via PayPal, Cash and I also accept credit card which I can process directly through my Merchant Account online.
In your goody back you will also find a little card like this which allows you to fill in your name and email address.  This is only if you wish to subscribe to our newsletter.  By suscribing you receive regular updates on new products releases, specials. tips, tutorials, and other interesting articles.
One thing I found last year was many didn't know who was running the shop - so this year I will have a have a Lanyard round my neck with my name on it.. I hope this makes it a little easier. 

That's about it for now.. Stay happy everyone...