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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Flamingo World

It’s a flamingo world out there this year.  2015 was the year of the flamingo, with flamingos in appearing on fashion, décor, jewellery art and many items.   The whimsical, cute little birds..(I mean tall long legged birds) are out there in force in a variety of de menagerie colours and designs.

Originally Flamingo comes from Spanish  flamenco, "with the colour of flame" and this tropical friend has arrived  just in time for our summer, bringing cuteness and charming character to your craft projects, home and wardrobe. You can find the simple pink flamingo in stripes, checks, dotted prints stipes colours including  silver and gold.

I have been doing some internet searching and this is what I have found!.

Fell in love with this chair and I would love to own it.  Unfortunately not high on the priority list :(

I do love the canvas print from ebay. Just love it! I may even purchase it as it is on my watch list.
I can't remember whether the flamingo was actually in Alice in Wonderland, however I cam across these Alice in Wonderland-inspired cards which are super cute. Was there really a flamingo in Alice in wonderland?
 For babies, you’ll find lots of flamingo beautiful creations on Etsy – including the Pink Flamingo Baby Girl Nursery Mobile with Crochet Flamingo from Crochet on a Tree.. omg it's super cute! and this set of booties from Scooter Booties which I just love! And we can't forget the onesie, and this one is so cute from Rocky Racoon Apparel
Flamingos create the perfect pink decorating theme for girls bedrooms. Check out gorgeous fabrics from Spoon flower, and this gorgeous lamp shade from Not on the High Street

I 'm not much for wall decals and wasn't sure if there were really many flamingo type decals out there, but there actually are quite a few different ones to choose from and the elegent flamingo does look wonderful against a bright wall.   Feast your eyes on these long legged lovelies  The pair of pretty birds just love to be together and aren't afraid of showing their affections creating love in the air. From Love Mae.
I also loved this decal which is a childs height chart  'Fishes,Kids Animals ' from Nou Wall Etsy (Pretty Clever)

I must finally mention using the flamingos used as garden ornaments. I even have two, although I think the dog has eaten one of them. I think flamingos in the garden add a certain touch of retro to the look. You can find these anywhere, in particular ebay and garden stores and hardware stores.

Zazzle also has heaps of flamingo inspired products so why not check them out.  I am currently choosing a selection of flamingo posts cards to frame and hang on the wall.
Also I have just added some cute flamingo like products  to the store, so why net come and check them out in the store.

And to top it all of check out this gorgeous image from ColourBox

 I hope you enjoy the Flamingo Review.. :)