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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

7 Cute Desk Accessories to spark up your space!

We spend quite a bit of time hanging around our office desk.  Whether you work at home or out of the home I think its important we make the most of our spac,  so it can be a place where we actually enjoy to be, where we can reflect and be inspired.  So my thoughts are why not surround ourselves with pretty things..  I had a quick look around the internet and found a few things I really just loved.

This pencil set is so cute.. I just love it and it would also make a perfect gift. Each with a little message. From Etsy ThymeIsHoney

This Definition Stationery Turntable is super cute.. Five enameled buckets with dictionary definitions for stationery essentials sit upon a wooden turntable, helping you to access pens, scissors and more .with a simple spin of the base. From Peters on Kensington P.S. I purchased this..
How about this stylish copper wire tray is perfect for keeping your desk organised in style. Use it as an in-tray for documents or simply as a base for your desk accessories to keep everything tidy. From Kikki.K
One totally awesome Metallic White and Gold Polkadot mouse pad! Gold is so in at the moment Circular mouse pad measures approximately 8" x 8" and is a generous 1/4" thick with a rubber backing. From Etsy SSK Designs
 Designed right here in Australia, the Wallflower collection takes a charming approach to two polar opposite colours – yellow, and grey – and seamlessly works them together in a range patterns across a range of home objects and gifts. There are many perks to this range…its beauty just one of them. Sip coffee from a stately mug, pin your papers down with a shimmering glass paperweight, scent your linen closest and more, with this designer-savvy range.  From Peters on Kensington  P.S. I purchased this too
  I am into everything flamingo at the moment and already own this pencil Case. This case is perfect for your stationery, cosmetics or cash.  Boasting two zippered compartments and fully lined. From Typo 

These heart hand-made magnets can be used a used as a beautiful decoration for the home, kitchen decor, office or classroom, guest favors, Childrens party favor, Valentines gift, etc... from Etsy BRSaltyCandy

I hope you ejoyed this read.. Feel free to share or Pin