Sunday, January 17, 2016

I’ve been in a cleaning and re-organising mood for the past 2 months and have been systematically spring cleaning each room in the house.  We’ve been hauling the junk out of our house by the
garbage bag full and it’s been so great! Partly brought around by the up and coming council clean-up. This a bi-annual event where we put out rubbish and council does the pick up.  It's a great opportunity to clear out junk and get rid of it..
Because the focus this week has been on my craft space and shop.  I saved this one to do while I was off work -  as my room and shop were a real mess and I have hoarded, stashed and held on to everything for such a long time. It was way past time for a clean up!

As I was sorting through my oodles and oodles of stuff - there were a few rules I tried to keep in mind.  This help me stay focssed on my objective of purging what I don't want, but the end result was that I felt more creative and relaxed in my craft space.

Tip no 1.  Control the impulse to collect.. I don’t have a very big craft space really, I know I have a shop which is part of my craft space.. so really I'm sharing my space with my shop. (My shop takes up most of the space) and because this year I want to run classes and crop days, I want the room to be in tip top shape.   I must admit I don't pilfer too much from the shop's supply . and try to keep my own stash down to a minimum.  A good rule is to just buy what you want for a particular project and try and stick to this approach.

Tip no 2. De-stash often.. I think its a must to go through your supplies regularly to remove things you aren’t using, maybe they are no longer something that you would use.. or maybe it doesn't work.  The more space you make, leaves more space for a few just a few new supplies. What I don't want I donate to the school.

Tip no 3.  Clean as you go.. This can be sometimes quite difficult, once we get our mojo on its hard to clean up the mess from a craft project as you go... as I know most of us just like to keep creating,  Sometimes cleaning up that big mess can be quite overwhelming . A general rule is to have a bit of clean up around every 20-30 mins.  I know it can be hard to do this, but it only takes a short amount of time and is worth it.

Tip no 4. Everything should have a place... I keep my supplies in plastic containers and many of my little bits and pieces are in jars. Having clear plastic and glass helps to see what’s inside of them. When I know what I’ve got and can see it easily,  I find that I use it more.. These containers (below) are my top organising items when it comes to keeping my craft supplies organized and in their rightful place.

Tip No 5.  Use a project storage container.. It has to be bit enough to store your project and associated suppliers that your are using.  I find the 12 x 13 storage contains perfects for this.  Sometimes a project may take months to finish and storing it all this way makes it very easy to just pick up the project where you left of.  Once you finish your project you can then re-distribute the bits and pieces and left overs to their rightful place - and don't forget tip No 2 here..
Tip No 6.  Be ruthless during clean up . This can be quite tough - Letting go of some items means letting go of some of the ideas you may have once had. But lets face it.. there are some projects that you know you will simply never start. On the other hand - sometimes there may be some  guilt attached, for example time and money spent on supplies.  Or you may have been given something as a gift that you really won't use or don't like.  It’s can be all quite hard – but trust me you will feel quite about letting some of it go.  

Til next time

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