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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A walk around the Scrap of Your Life Store!

I thought it was time for a share of my scrap room (shop).  We have a large entertainment room off our house and unfortunately it doesn't really get used at all for entertainment!.lol.
It has become the hearty hub of Scrap of Your Life online store. It is used to store all my products and doubles as my Scrap Room..  So here I will give you a bit of a walk through this room!
 So starting from the left... walking in through a big sliding door is our old fold out lounge.  I say 'old', however it doesn't really look old... still in good condition, and serves as a place to just sit, relax and think... 
 Moving to the right of the lounge is my old microwave  cupboard... where I store mostly my scrap stuff...This is the messy corner at the moment, consisting of a product stand and paper rack..which is empty as I am still unpacking from our Kiah Ridge Scrap Retreat.
Moving to the left... a cupboard full of products and up the top is SMASH! plus some other storage....
  The stand to the left is from a video store.. I got them for a bargain on ebay!.  This stand holds all my adhesives, prima, sprays, inks, and down the bottom, plastic containers store a wide variety of other products such as Elle's Studio, Cheery Lyn Dies, Teresa Collins to name a few!
     Moving to the West wall is another cupboard in the corner and a expedite type storage system, This display really needs a clean up and review, as this space could be utilised a lot better.
 Next to this a another video rack (below) which stores all the latest products available in the store....at the moment it is chockers! The two little chairs I picked up an painted blue and lime green... they look really cute, but really are for the kids to use. 
  To the left of this is my computer desk and PC, sometimes I like to update products out here, however mostly do this in the evening inside.  This means I need to print of stock sheets and do a count, however it works for me....A bit of a mix really.
 This cupboard below stores all the Scrap Boutique products, plus my trims and ribbons are stored down below.. This cupboard also needs a bit of a cleanup and revamp.
 I got this cupboard from Nikki B's at MILTON on the Sth Coast NSW.  This is one of my favourite shops in Milton,  see an older blog post here all about Nikki B's. One day I would like to paint this cupboard tiffany blue and white. 

More paper stands below - again empty as I am still unpacking. The paper is the hardest thing to unpack I think...
 This roll top desk is another Ebay purchase, another bargain... and the good thing was it was only round the corner.... I am leaving this desk raw - it just needs a rub back and varnish.  It stands more or less empty at the moment - apart from my Red Retro typewriter.
 ENTER HERE AT OWN RISK... lol behind this corner is a bar and it holds all my plastic tubs, plus  you will find all the albums, punches and wood off the page products behind here,  its a really squeeze.  My stereo is somewhere in there, as well as two picnic sets a book case, all my brads, old childrens books and more.  This is a scary place.....Oh! and all the chipboard too...

 Lets move away from here and now check out the table where I scrap, pack products, make up kits and generally just play.. This table holds my cuttlebug, sewing machine and all my embossers and dies.

The blue stand above holds all the "Product of the months and products I just want to have a play with. This is just a shoe rack from the reject shop and painted blue.

The storage trolleys below are simply hair dressing storage trolleys... I bought three on ebay for $100.00 and have two in the shop and gave the other to my daughter. This trolley holds all the bits and pieces I need to pack products. 
 I hope you enjoy the walk around... next will be my scrap room inside the house.  My intent is to move this room to my outer room.  Big JOB however... That story is for another time...