Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hi all... very excited tonight, as the long awaiting Project Life kits have finally arrived...Yahooo! Took for ages. Anyway I thought I would post here on the blog first and then load them to the store over the next few days.

Each of these kits contains 180 cards: 60 4x6 cards: 30 title cards 6 designs, 5 each 30 journalling cards 6 designs, 5 each 120 3x4 cards: 30 designs, 4 each.
All these kits are only $13.50

 PL - Super Cute

PL - Live Brightly

PL - Hi Sunshine

PL - Boys Rule

PL - Odds and Ends

PL - Peace Love & Sunshine

PL - Enjoy Life

PL - Good Times

PL - DIY Shop


Also restocked
Baby Mini Kit for Him

Baby Mini Kit for Her 

Kits Merry and Bright, Lovely and Dazzle are on backorder.
Expected date mid August (maybe)!

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