Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Don't you just love RETRO
I conducted a quick google search tonight, "RETRO" curious as to what information would arise - lo and behold I found out some interesting bits of information.
Well that's a bit blurry isn't it... snipped from  dictionary.com .
Anyway moving on....
The word "RETRO" derives from the Latin prefix retro, meaning "backwards, or in past times" – particularly as seen in the words retrograde, implying a movement toward the past instead of a progress toward the future, and retrospective, referring to a nostalgic (or critical) eye toward the past.
We have Retro clothes, retro cars, retro art, retro gaming, retro fashion and probably lots more, retro appliances, retro images and much more. Don't you just love the RETRO images that keep popping up on FACEBOOK.
If you are into RETRO (which I am)
You might like to check out this RETRO shop located in MILTON NSW
Nikki B's. Vintage Collectables & Giftware. Everytime I head to Batemans Bay, I like to call into this shop and this time I took some of the cutest pics which I am going to share below:
There is so much on display I find myself walking around the circuit at least three times. 
So if you heading towards the Sth Coast NSW  - call into this shop and check it out.

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