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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Right Now!

Always find something good in every day!  Well today it was rather difficult, with some stresses at work in the morning and an afternoon at the hospital with a sick Aunt. I was beginning to feel overwhelmed by some of the little and big things happening in our life at the moment.

However  at the end of the day as I pause to reflect on the day it wasn't THAT bad - I think about the good things that occurred during the day however so little and put it all perspective.

  • It started on a good note. I love waking up to coffee and hot porridge - whoops a bit too much brown sugar...then watching some Sunrise..
  • My trip to work takes about 20 mins and used that time to listen to my favourite music (hmm quite  loud) 
  • I'm thinking about  club night / trivia tomorrow night.   Always FUN!
  • I will be seeing a Aunt on Friday that I haven't seen in years, arriving from the UK  and I will be having a few days off next week.
  • We are going cruisin end of May on a Carnival Cruise - YAHOO can't wait to get on the slide with Braedon. 
So all in all the message is I suppose is to get it in perspective and now I say ....

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