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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What makes Spectrum Noir so special

 Spectrum Noir is an alcohol ink based marker pen designed specifically for crafters. Each pen is double-ended, with a broad chisel nib for large area fills and a fine bullet tip for detailed work.

The entire range of 168 alcohol marker colors is available in 16 different sets. There is no duplication of markers in any of them.

The twelve sets of 6 markers make up the core line of colors and are packed in tonally matched color combinations along with an essentials pack that includes true black, a blender and 4 other commonly used colors. The first three markers in each pack (lighter tones) and the remaining three colors (darker tones) were chosen to blend well with each other to take the guesswork out of blending.

The remaining four sets of 24 markers round out the color range and are sold in tonal packs; lights, brights, darks and pastels.

As you take a closer look at the pen caps you will notice a number from 1 through 11. The number 1 represents the lightest shade of that particular color, while a number 11 would represent the darkest shade. Not all colors will have 11 shades, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that similar numbers will have a similar tone or shade. A #2 in blue for example will blend very well with a blue #3 or #4, but wont blend as well with a blue #8 for example. If you are trying to achieve an even tone in your project you may choose to stick with a #2 through #4 in each of the colors you choose to achieve a lighter tone overall.

Spectrum Noir markers were created to be used long term. In other words, they are not disposable. Each marker can be refilled with the available 30ml refill bottles of ink and even the nibs can be replaced if they become dull or worn. This key feature makes our range of alcohol markers not only the lower cost alternative, but a wise investment in any crafters arsenal of products.

If you're looking for an affordable alcohol marker solution then you've found the answer!
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