Wednesday, October 23, 2013

For the last few years, I have allowed the kids, (that inc grandkids) to participate in Halloween, that means the dressing up and trick or treating that goes with this event.  It's  not something I grew up with at all, but I guess we need to stay up to day with the times to to speak....

The kids love the idea and this year they will dress up again, I'm sure they'll have fun... We have also  bought a huge pumpkin to try and carve into a lantern.

I do have a basket of lollies on standby for the kids that call by.  We don't get many and its nice to send the kids away with something.  Trouble is we always tend to run out of lollies, this year I intend to stock up on a bit extra.

I came across this cute download here on "The organise housewife blog" Sorry we are out of lollies.....will download this and place it on our letterbox... of course after we run out of lollies!

Cheers and Happy Halloween!

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