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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Washi tape, or Japanese masking tape, is one of the  new favorite crafting must haves! This stuff is way better than ordinary tape – by sticking it on a few common household items, you can effortlessly go from boring to interesting, exciting, awesome, bright, funky.... OK think you get the message!

 Washi tape is almost as strong as masking/electrical tape..
so it’s just as functional as it is pretty.

Ready to get obsessed with washi tape, too? Over the next 10 days I will show you one way to use it around the house: (maybe one or two scrapbooking layouts thrown in for good measure)

Warning: These amazing ideas may trigger a strong desire to spend the rest of the day crafting and decorating! 

It you want some Washi temptation -  visit the link here...

Pretty Washi Jar

I can't remember what was in this little glass jar/vase - maybe a candle.  I added a strip of Washi tape to the top rim. Adds a bit of interest and is quite easy !!

Visit tomorrow for another great Washi idea!