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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Old Warragamba Dam and Lion Sarfari Photos

Finally found some old photos of Warragamba Dam and the Lion Safari, so just gotta share them here.
I remember I was probably about 10 when I first visited the Dam, or maybe before that, but that's my first memory of the lions, driving through the park (not allowed to roll our windows down, but I wanted to open the sun roof (I think)
I just played this add and my golly I remember this on TV too. http://www.zoochat.com/24/african-lion-safari-warragamba-140618/
 I know we have some photos of the parrots doing their tricks also.

I remember going to the Dam on a school excursion. We went inside the dam wall (is that possible) that's what I remember, concrete corriders, with control and dials I think. And crossing the old rickity bridge that went from one side of the dam to the other. Huge picnic and grass area

Those days are long gone, this is what the dam looks like today,

this is what is used to look like

 And here are the lion shots!