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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week two 2012

I have been meaning to scrap these photos of Braedeo and I at Batemans Bay at the beginning of this year.  We went down just after New Year, it was nice to get away for a few days.  Nice quiet walks on the beach and just taking it easy and really do not much of anything. 

Technically some beaches don't allow dogs, but what harm could this lil doggy do.  We put Sienna in my red carry bag and walked onto the beach with her.  She's not big on the beach and was quite happy to sit in the bag for a while.  

Braedon's sole purpose of going to the beach was to hunt for crabs, he didn't catch any.  There were plenty there, - in the end I told him not to be cruel and stop trying to poke them out with a stick. 
He got the message.... lol - next venture was to catch the blue tongue lizard in Nans garden with a bucket and spade.

 And of course a quick game of putt putt golf (or mini golf) - of course I let Braedon win, but only by a point or two.