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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rough Night!

I'm up now, its just over 1.00pm in the AFTERNOON.  So what am I doing still in bed you might ask?
No it''s not a extra long sleep in...

and No I'm not sick....
and No I'm not hungover.... definetely too old for that...

Yes, just up all night with Mason, darling little granchild he is.  Did not sleep last night, just because he wasn't in his own house, cot, bedroom, doesn't mean he had toooo stay awake all night..

Down at 8:30pm, up at 11.30, then 1.30 and awake till 3.00 and then up at 5.00am. 
Now his mum has come and picked him up at about 11.30, so I thought I would catch up on some sleep. Well I got about an hour.  I'm so not used to sleeping napping during the day

I thought I would post some of these latest pics of the little darling Mason who is now 12 months old.

Aren't laptops  just a godsend.