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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Show Fun

Easter Show pictures - time to download and sort them out.  Just going to upload some of favourite ones.

First it was a meeting with Scooby Doo - Braedons fav character. But after all that he wouldn't even say hello - and went all shy.  He was OK with the Alpacas, took lots of photos of these cute lil animals.  We also saw Ned the tallest horse.  We didn't see much of him hiding in his stall,  but he certainly did look tall - we had a look at the Clydesdales, some of the cows and the petting zoo.

Time for a quick ride and then we walked back to the racing and diving pig show which was quite funny.  Poor pig looked like he didn't really want to take that dive at all. 

And yes we went on this thing.  All I did is scream and hide - Braedon wasn' scared at all.  Oh to me young again

Braedon going on the ghost train with 3 D glasses.

Braedon won a few toys shooting the hoops

The rest of the photos are on the phone as towards the end of the night we ran out of battery. Going to have to get a spare....