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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scrap of Your February Cybercrop

This months cc started last Tuesday which was probably a bit early in the week,  still I'm trying different combinations to see what works best for everyone.  Looks like I will kick them off on Thursday nights in future and close them off on Sunday midnight.

Anyway a few more participating this month which has been really great.  The theme for this months was 'celebrate life'.

Challenge 1 was posted by Moi

Create a layout detailing SEVEN things you love about your life right now (you can do more if you like!). You don't have to have photos for all of them, or any of them (maybe you could just use a photo of yourself) but show me AT LEAST seven things you love about your life!

I used a pic of Ian and I in Sanfrancisco last May.  I'm still need to scrap the holiday pics.

Challenge 2 posted by me

Scrap something unique that you don't see everyday using 
As above
Paint eekkk
2 pics
use some ribbon
a little ink
some bling

 My layout was centred around a rainbow I had seen recently. Gave me some inspiration to paint one.


Challenge 3 Posted by Me

A celebration to do with another culture. It might be a hard one - if you don't have pics scrap about the celebration itself without pics.  Using Red, Chipboard, Some metal embelly, Some gold colour

I must admit I haven't completed this challenge as yet. 

Entries close tonight at midnight.