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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of my earlier posts, I mentioned a New Years Resolution of finishing off unfinished projects in between new ones.
After the family layout, I finished off a KA&Home Retreat Project, 'little book of texture', that I have worked on bit by bit over the last month to finish. I sort of changed it a little and added extra pages - in all 8 pages.
First page a fav pic of Aimee age 7 - on canvas

The reverse side - a few details

Corrugated cardboard page - Aimee 6 weeks

The reverse corrugated page - Aimee at 3 months - I used textured paste here also and stamped an image in both corners.

A transparent page - Aimee at 8 weeks

A transparent page covered with fabric - Aimee at 4 months

Another transparent page - Aimee at 6 months

The revers of the transparent page - Aimee at 8 months

Cardstock page - Aimee at 10 months, Xmas Dec 1988

The reversed cardstock page Aimee at 15 months -
there is a page that opens here with another pic.

Another cardstock page - Aimee 1st birthday - you can see I added some Rob and Bob Mod thingys on a keyring and joined to the ring.

Cardstock again - Aimee aged 2

Cardstock covered with pp -Aimee aged 3 - I made the little outfit back in my sewing days....

Plain Cardstock - Aimee aged 4 at Pre-School

Cardstock covered with pp - Aimee aged 5 with our Cavalier King Charles Tinker

The last page with a tag in a zippered pocket with a tag. I added Aimee's
birth bracelot to the tag.