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Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Braedon says at age six

I thought I would jot down some of the funny things Braedon is saying at age six.

"Dont talk over me".....Don't know where he got this one from,maybe from school....Anyway he gets very upset if he feels we are interrupting him.

Braedon was playing on is bike in the driveway and I specifically told him to play on the driveway and no where else. So what does he do = off he rides onto the road. Well I told him to come back and warned him that I would ground him ...................... He looked at me in a confused way and said " you gonna bury me in dirt" Well Ian and I cracked up and BT still looked a bit perplexed.... I explained what grounding was.... The punishment was though he is not longer allowed to ride on the driveway.

If Braedon doesn't do as he is told I have always used the counting technique - you know... I'm gonna count to 3..... 1,2,3... Well he doesn't like me doing this anymore and gets quite cranky...." Mum do not count at me, I'm doing it....Of course I still do it lol...

Call Braedon Mr Joker, he is alwayssaying stuff that he things is funny...like the puppy did a wee or I spilled my drink... Then he says Joking Joking...It's getting to be quite painful - will have to tell him the 'cry wolf story'.

He calls Sienna our little Chihuahua puppy "Sienna Banner"