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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scrap organisation

Well today was a great day -we have drained the pool so we can start cleaning it after we get the last bit of water out of the bottom.
We also went to IKEA, luv it and bought a new cupboard for all my scrap goodies, that is not the stuff for the shop but my personal collection of stamps, papers, cardstock, punches, stickers, rubons, buttons, brads, etc etc etc etc

So we spent the afternoon putting together and i don't think i will finish the last challenge for the cc or if i do it wont be uploaded by midnight tonight.

Anyway cupboard together, ta da da,,,,,,,,,

This is my new cupboard and only half the pic so it is quite high as it has a second section up the topp... however i can put my photo storage up there. Now still have to add the glass on the front,

While I was sorting out all my stuff, I found I had implemented a great few wonderful storage idea, so read on to find what they are...

These below are plastic project files from Office works . I have put all my letter and number stickers and rubons in them, dimensional embelishment stickers. They are really easy to find and fit perfectly, I ran out so need to buy some more, but a great storage idea as they fit perfectly. Sometimes the label is a bit big so i just folded it down.

The blue box on the left is full of left over papers and cardstock - I tried to sort it out by colour but gave up, still it's in a handy sized box, from Ikea....I have two of these, one was storing all my stickers and letters, diecuts etc mixed up with some paper and cardstock - yes I know a humble jumble,,,, but all sorted now.

The second box is empty now.

These boxes below one holds half my stamps, the other half of my stamps are in a small cupboard in my desk. However I might move all my stamps into the leftover blue IKEA box, as they will all fit together then.

Now these little boxes are just great, strong with a clear lid. I have two of these - the bottom box has a half finished project in it. These boxes were from Myer with DH business shirts in them.

These are so handy - now hubby doesn't need anymore shirts, but I want more boxes... so might have to go shirt shopping.. lol

Oh my gosh... this little blue cupboard, which I think is really a spice rack, I bought about 15 years ago at a trash and treasure market. It was a raw timber colour so I painted it blue. It has two little shelves and two little draws plus a top shelf.. It hold all my little brads in tiny round storage containers. The hearts are my HeartZ DeZines products, which hold co-ordinating flowers, ribbons and brads.

My little flowers are in a Maconna coffee jar, this is how I store all my flowers in the shop - we always buy this coffee so I re-use the jar.

The little jar is an old Mustard jar, I keep these too. Stores all my buttons.

Now this little box below I bought from Copperart years ago, I think now it's called HomeArt now, the box has all my tools in in sanding block, eyelet setter, little hammer (hubby uses this more than me,,,,, Hmm what else, cutting knife, distresser tool, few other bits and pieces.

Now Aimee was cleaning out her room too and wanted me to add this pic of her and Kody in this frame to my shelf.

Now this pic at the bottom is the leftovers that need sorting out - a job for tomorrow as I am off work - yae can scrap aswell.

Now this isn't scrap storage - but my special shelf which stores all my special bits and pieces. Just a couple - the heart Aimee DD did when she was about 12 pretty good huh... Decoupage. The 2005 Cherub calender I picked up in Rome 2004.
Happy Budha from China.... I also love wizards and unicorns. little yes you might be able to make them out.....So there you go.... a few storage ideas....
More sorting tomorrow so stayed tuned and I might come up with some more tomorrow....

Til then