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Monday, July 20, 2009

Scrap organisation part 2

Okay so today was day 2 of the great scrap re-organisation. So here is what I did.

Plus a little re-organisation of what I did yesterday. And of course of had to get a layout in ... the July sketch challenge. These photos of day 11 of our UK trip last year, the day after my Nan's 100th birthday party we decided to take it easy - and I promised Braedon a walk in the park if it was clear. The park closest to us was Islip Manor Park. They had the coolest play equipment. Read this thread here on our Travel Blog....

This pic was taken by my mum, Braedon and I are on top of the slippery dip. I used my Fiskars circle punch for the first time today. There is journalling under the circle. Taken straight from the travel blog. The paper is Kaisercraft

The park is a remnant of the Islip Manor Estate and home to breeding birds, butterflies and mammals such as squirrels. We saw lots of squirrels during our walks through this park. Wonderful big oak trees, holly bushes and of course the playground which had all the wonderful equipment......


Anyway on to the scrap storage story....

So this is the top half of the cupboard, still empty except for one box which is my photo storage, mainly photos of Aimee and family pics before digitial...

So today I re-arranged my stamps - remember I said yesterday that they were in the shirt box and a small cupboard. Well, today I combined them into the empty large blue IKEA box. So now they are all stored together which makes it much more simpler to find what I'm after.

The small pink thin box on the left of these boxes is really a little suitcase. I bought Aimee a makeup kit one year for Chrissy and well she used most of it - so when she finished I cleaned it up and put all my glitter pens, journaling pens and some chalks in it..

These little jars I bought from IKEA on Sunday, only about $2.oo each. They are really pretty, empty at the moment, but I'm sure I''ll fill them soon enough.

Little box on the left I bought from a $2.00 shop. It hold all my chipboard...

Now one more little memento for my shelf. Which was a brass plaque from China we got for walking the "Great Wall of China.". We walked the Badalin walk, which was the touristy part of the wall where there are crowds and crowds of people. The walk was a killer, for us who were not the fittest, plus searing temps and humidity in the 90's. It was a challenge I wont' forget. The great wall of china is truly a wonder to behold. Check the video out

So that's about it for tonight. Now I have a few bits out in my back room which is where I store all my store goods. So I will gather them together tomorrow after work and see what I can do to sort it all out even further.

I would be interested to hear about your scrap re-organisations and how you have gone about it.....
Til next time.
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