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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Difficult question

I'm of work for a few days spending time with the kids and we are watching Sunrise - ready to watch the launch of the space shuttle from Cape Canavral- only to have it cancelled yet again. Oh Well!. I then showed Braedon who is 6 some UTube videos of some of the Shuttle launches. He wanted me to go through all the videos, including the Apollo Space shuttle video,of course, I tried to get out of that one, but Braedon was insistent. I managed to distract him to other videos, in the end as it kept rotating to other video clips I said that was gone. - in the end he didn't watch that particular video..

So I would like to know your opinion, do you think it would be better to let him watch the video and explain what happened or try and protect him somewhat from watching what was a terrible tragedy?. Post your comments here.