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Sunday, June 14, 2009

St Marys Band Club

It was fun to catch up with family last night at St Marys Band Club...As Ian's dad is down we tried to get Ian's other kids together for a meal, no easy feat when they are busy with their own lives.

We did get Tim, Sarah and her partner Ricky, Ian sister Bev and her hubby Chris, Aimee (my DD) and Josh her boyfriend, Braedon and Kody and of course Grandad.
We put the kids in the kids club for a little while and had a drink while we waited for our table to be readied.
We were only eating in the chinese restaurant. which is all you can eat..... I've learned not to over indulge at these places.
Tim and Sarah

Braedon and Me

Ricky and Sarah

Aimee and Bev