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Friday, May 22, 2009

A weekend in the life!

Document Your Weekend

I've decided to document this weekend in my life and you are invited you to participate with me.

What you need is a camera and a small notebook to jot down all those little bits and peices.

what for you ask? The end result of this project could be a layout, album, or just a record of a weekend, but it will be a snapshot of your life right now!

Now why not involve the rest of the family to join in the fun. Invite your spouse, child, mum or day, even a friend.

Start Saturday morning and finish is Sunday night.

Now take lots of photos, think about what your do in the morning first thing, what your first chores might be, lunchtime routines, play time, shopping time, sports events -just snap and take those shots. Also think about what you enjoy on the weekend ie could be a lie in, gardening, coffee etc.

Have fun and love to see what you come up with