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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some re-arranging

Well today I have been off work as Braedon has been asking me to stay home with him the last few days. So as he is starting school tomorrow I thought we would start getting everything organised for his 1st day. This let to a complete re-arrange of his room so I could bring a little desk in for him to colour on and eventually I guess do homework on.

The only problem with this was moving all his books to move his bookcase, however we persevered and managed to move anything without too much of a hiccup..... There is even extra space now as I did take some books out to give to the pre-school . These books were his baby type books and while I will keep some, can't keep them all and I know the pre-school will use the.

So now is all ready for school - even a storage hanging thingy with the days of the week.

A clean up of his old cork notice board too was in order as it had heaps of precious arkwork from pre-school.. This has been stored in a box for later use.

These prints of Ganesh are from various Asian place we have been to such as Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and China etc.

His room looks almost newly decorated. All ready for a new phase in his life.