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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 Album

If you take a look at one of my earlier posts, I mentioned a challenge to do a album or layout outlining your achivements success for 2008.

So now I'm starting it. I don't think I'll finish this in a day so today is going to be day 1 for me.
Day 1
I've gathered f ew bits and pieces to build a simple album.

First thing of course you need the album - I picked a Maya Rd Chipboard Tag Album
The second thing I did was to type out what I achieved in 2008. Using different fonts and colour, adding some quotes to create some variation. Remember this is going to be simple...
Print you journalling out - you will probably find you will think of more things as you go along. I printed my journalling on cream coloured paper.
Next pick the paper I used Teresa Collins Journalling papers - you can see three here however I'm going to try and use just two.

As there are 10 pages to the album I will need atleast 10 sheets of paper - 2 of each design. I have chosen the Sandylion Kelly Panacci ranges (will list them later).
The colours go nicely with the Teresa Collins range and the design of paper suits the theme.
Other products are stamps, HOTP brad buddies, brads and some old tags taken from childrens clothing. I also keep these as they do come in handy. All I need to do is sand them and cover the unwanted text with a quote or strip of ribbon.
I will also try and use up lots of my scrap paper, letters and rubons etc. and what ever else I can find in the stash pile...

Step 1 - Sand the edges of the album if required.

Step 2 - Using one of the tags trace the outline and cut out two tags from each design. Make sure you line up the text and/or design so it is the right way up when you trace. Keep all the scraps as I plan to use the scrap paper later. You should have 10 cut outs.

Step 3 - Adhere the cut out to each side of the tag. Remember the paper design and/or text needs to be the right way up so check as you glue.

Step 4 - Ink or paint the edges - this covers any gaps and gives it a textured look. I used Jo Sonya's Burgundy paint.

1st page - Front tage

Use the live, laugh love stamp just below the middle on the right.

Cut out the "There is time for eveything" quote from the Teresa Collins paper and adhere middle left. See pic.

Use the HOTP brad glue to the top right of the quote.

Using Rub-Ons for the word "Achievements"

Use postage stamp Stamp top right under achievements.

Making memories twists - cut them up and adhere top right and bottom right.

Decorate with blossoms

Use the Sandylion die cut and adhere left of the quote and hand write 2008.

What was in my stash? Making Memories Twists, Blossoms, HOTP Brad Buddies

What was new?

Teresa Collins and Sandylion Paper and Stickers and the album