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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our UK holiday

It's not long now until our UK holiday. This is a very special event as we will be celebebrating my grandmother's 100th birthday in London.
We are leaving on the 14th October 2007 and will fly via Tokyo where we will stay for about 4 days. Next stop is Munich where we will be picking up a 7 day tour visiting Prague, Vienna and Istanbul. We have one more day in Munich before we fly onto Paris where will be staying for 4 days, then catch a train across to London a week before my grandmother turns 100.
The week or so in London will be spent catching up with family and the birtday celebrations before we head off to Spain on our own. Braedon will be staying with my mum who is over in the UK now. This will not be part of a tour but is something we have organised ourselves. After this it's back to London for a few more days before we fly out via Vancouver where we will stay for about 4 days. We will be back on the 30th November which makes it about 6 - 7 weeks away.
I will be posting hopefully every day or so as I plan to use "our travels blog" as my travel journal, so I will posting stories, travel hints and photos etc via this blog. You can take a look here....holidaytravels2008