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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Googling about Doodling..

Well I do get somewhat sidetracked onto the strangest things, I was googling what our doodling style tells us about our personality and ended up on a site where you have to draw a pig and answer some questions about your pig to find out some of your personality traits.

Well I was a bit ashamed of my pig - I mean I'm not really good drawing pigs, especially with a mouse. After your draw your pig you get a password to access the "Pig and Top Oinker Gallery". After seeing some of the Top Oinkers I was very ashamed of my pig, dog, cat like picture......:)

Anyway the link is here - Oh and further on is a little bit about how our doodling can tell us about our personality......

Draw a Pig Personality Test

What Doodling can tell us about our personality......

Diamond: You are a logical thinker. You are comfortable with numbers and you like how they make sense. You love to set up charts and graphs to display your information. You actually enjoy constructing number puzzles and or quizzes and you believe Sudoku was manna from heaven! Your scrapbooks, journals, memory books, and family trees are so organized with dates and facts that they could be actually used for research! You are envied by all for your common sense and concise detail of your thought pattern.

Circles: You are fun loving, generous, and are the first to come full swing in a situation when it is needed. You love your diary, ships log, family tree, obviously scrapbooks - however you have even made a scrapbook out of the cookbook! You collect souvenirs for everything and you have volumes of scrapbooks to prove it! In a crisis, you know where to find vital information because you have documented everything. You are amazing! You are dedicated to your life, your friends, your time, and your family.

Heart: You are a mover and a shaker. You cannot sit still or you would rather not. You love, you are passionate, and you feel deeply. Enough so, that -enough is enough: and you get bored easy! Quick pages with a lot of RAZZLE DAZZLE to express your mood is the name of your game. Your pages show excitement. They are jam packed full of exciting adventures in arts, plays, theatres, dances, exotic activities, entertainment, things that make you laugh, and an occasional pantomine! :) Most of all the people and the things you love are expressed in the pages of your books.

Stars: You are fantastic in groups and are naturally a team leader. Being the head of crowd is no biggie for you. By your lead, those around you are empowered. Whether it is your family, your friends, or your employees, all are energized by your attitude. You constantly try to surround yourself with symbols of hope. You want to aim for success and achievement. You help others to make decisions but you have to be careful not the do everything for them. You have taken command of the job in front of you whether it is housework, business, or scrapbooks that need to be done.

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