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Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick Trip

Well, have been away for the last few days. A whirlwind trip to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. A flight at 0800 took us to Brisbane where we hired a car to drive up to the Sunshine Coast where MIL lives. Our first stop took us to Australia Zoo. Braedon of courses could zoo it all day every day and he just loves looking at Crocs. We wandered around for as few hours and then it was back into the car - next stop Ian's Dad and Izzy. Braedon was very well behaved here and we just had a cup of tea and some cakes, Izzy being not that well. We didn't plan to stay long, just a quick chat and BT had a quick kick of a ball around the back yard.
Next stop our apartment at Caloundra, so we check in here about 5.00 - very impressive, plenty of room and with a spa on the balcony. We settled in then went for a walk around the water and the had dinner at a restaurant called Mooo. Very nice food. A nice bottle of wine and then a quick trip to the icecream store to get some yummy icecreams.