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Thursday, June 12, 2008

All about brads!

I must admit I have a penchant for brads, there is something about using brads that appeals to my sense of creativity and they come in all shapes and sizes and are great to use on scrapbook pages! They add color, texture and charm to layouts and cards. Brads are one of those great embellishments that are functional and decorative.
We all probably know how to use brads, however just in case....

1. First you will need a hole in which to stick the brad through. I use a paper piercer to poke the hole in the paper.

2. Next you put the prongs of the brad through the hole and open up the prongs on the backside of the paper.

Another reason for their popularity is that they are fairly inexpensive! My favorite brads are animals brads and flower brads. You can see how I have used some animals brads in this layout. Arrow brads going across the bottom of the layout and a variety of zoo animals brads to fit in with my zoo them.

There are many great ways to use brads on your layouts!

* To attatch a transparency or vellum
* To secure layers of paper together
* At the top of a tag
* Connectors on paper piecing for moveable parts
* Center of flowers
* Corners of picture mat
* To form "bullets" for a list of journaling
* Attach elements on a page by wrapping wire or fiber
* In the corners of a photo mat or journal block.

Most brads are shiny and perfect looking. If you like adding a rustic touch you can sand the top of your brads with sandpaper! This will scratch the brad up and if the color is painted on it will allow the metal to shine through giving it that great shabby chic look!

If you find yourself in a pinch without the perfect color of brad for your layout, do not fear! I have painted the tops of brads using regular acrylic paint. You can also use your markers to on silver or gold brads for a great look.

Another trick for brads is heat embossing the tops. Dip the top of the brad into ink and then into embossing powder. Heat with a heating gun and you will have a shiny embossed brad. This is also a great tip for getting the perfect color to go with any layout!

So brads are versatile and there are so many to choose from. Why don't your try some of the tips above. You can also see the complete range by clicking Brads.